Attribute for testing is data-automation

Running Selenium scripts to do automated testing of web pages greatly reduces the time it takes to test a web application. Also, the quality of the tests becomes very high and gets us closer to TDD, Test Driven Development.

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JSON.stringify made pretty

I write and debug a lot of TypeScript/JavaScript. Although, I also do, T-SQL, Bash, Batch, and Powershell, JavaScript has been a main stay of mine sign 2014. I have found JSON.stringify and JSON.parse to be highly valuable tools of the trade.

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Moving logic into Services

Instead of putting logic and structures directly into a component, function, or class, I find it best to begin with moving those structures whether as : 

  • struct
  • type
  • data type
  • mock data
  • initial data
  • discrete logic 
  • call to database
  • call to third party
  • storing data in cookies, session, or local storage
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Modularity is the key

When refactoring code, keep in mind that moving logic to smaller discrete files/classes/methods/functions will help you and other humans understand the code better six months from now.

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