JSON.stringify made pretty

I write and debug a lot of TypeScript/JavaScript. Although, I also do C#.net, T-SQL, Bash, Batch, and Powershell, JavaScript has been a main stay of mine sign 2014. I have found JSON.stringify and JSON.parse to be highly valuable tools of the trade.

I often use a JSON Online Editor as well as the text editor of choice, mine is VS Code. But, in the browser console window, JSON.stringify is king.

I had forgotten that I could pretty up the JSON with a two extra parameters.

JSON.stringify(objectOrArray, null, 2)

This allows for the output to be in a more readable format.

Thus, JSON.stringify({"User":{"firstName":"Abraham","lastName":"French"},"blog":"https://abrahamfr.github.io/coding/","gitRepo":"https://github.com/AbrahamFr/angular-router","twitter":"@AbrahamFrench10","linkedIn":"https://www.linkedin.com/in/abrahamfrench/"}, null, 2)


  "User": {
    "firstName": "Abraham",
    "lastName": "French"
  "blog": "https://abrahamfr.github.io/coding/",
  "gitRepo": "https://github.com/AbrahamFr/angular-router",
  "twitter": "@AbrahamFrench10",
  "linkedIn": "https://www.linkedin.com/in/abrahamfrench/"
Written on June 7, 2020