Two types of projects

There are definitely two types of projects that companies do when they are selling staff augmentation.  One is an hourly rated agreement that may be as a retainer or direct hourly billing.  For full time employees, this is the difference between salary and hourly, respectively.   Whereas, the other engagement is project based.  Statement of Work, SOW, and scoping to achieve objectives in order to reach a goal.  These projects can be a one time thing or a recurring theme.  But, they drive towards a goal that makes both the contractors and the owners on the same side of the equation.  Both want the project done as quickly as possible with as minimum a cost. The first option sets up a master/servant relationship that has people talking with the term “boss”.  The second has professionals with different expertise working towards the same goal.  The hourly option covers over a bunch of messiness about project management.  While the second may get too restrictive on what is being done.   There is a need for counsels to be on retainer, not just lawyers.  But, starting with the project based approach sharpens the mind and makes clear what is being asked for.

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